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Located in northern Baltimore County just minutes off of I-83, Mullan Nursery Company was founded by Robert & Marion Mullan in 1983, and is owned and operated by the Mullan family to this day. The nursery is situated on 12 acres of lush farmland planted with fields of shade and flowering trees. We install only prime, hand-selected trees and plants on Mullan Nursery projects.


As a family-owned business, we have a strong connection to our nursery and to our customers, living and working on the property with our twins, Megan and Bayley, and our youngest, Amy, who pitch in whenever they can.


Like the girls, we are very “hands-on” in the way we choose to operate our business. “We are involved in every job, working closely with every customer,” Marion says. “Either my husband or I will be on site. And if not, we have an experienced staff we know we can trust.”


We take pride in being available and accessible to our customers, devoting our full attention to the details and offering the best quality stock that we grow ourselves. Shade and flowering trees, ornamental grasses, colorful perennials, evergreen and flowering shrubs, and thousands of new and disease-resistant varieties of plants are nurtured from seedling and beyond.

Growing Quality Nursery Stock

We are often recognized for the quality of plant material that we use in our landscapes. We grow trees, shrubs, perennials and vegetable starter plants here on the property, which covers twelve acres. Our property contains our nursery, offices, display gardens, residence, stables, growing fields, Christmas decor storage, mulch, and large equipment maintenance and storage.

Responsible Business Practices

We strive to use sustainable practices on all of our projects. We recycle all organic materials (leaves, clippings,etc), and are passionate about staying informed of the latest developments in horticultural research, technology, pest control and irrigation techniques in order to perform the best job possible every time.


Specialized equipment helps us perform efficiently and effectively. We house and maintain a fleet of equipment right on our property.


With over 35 years of experience, we deliver a vast array of unique and custom designs to our customers for an elegant look year-round. We turn great ideas into reality and transform an ordinary yard into a perfect paradise you will enjoy.


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Crew Members

Crew Member | Baltimore County Landscaping | Mullan Nursery Co
Crew Member | Baltimore County Landscaping | Mullan Nursery Co
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Robert & Marion Mullan
Robert & Marion

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